Skinnygirl™ Dressings

A simple yet elegant salad dressing is a rare thing in life

Turn Ordinary into something Extraordinary and guilt free

Apricot Mimosa

Delicious low calorie apricot preserves with a hint of orange and champagne flavors.

Asian Sesame Ginger

Introducing Skinnygirl™ Asian Sesame Ginger, a flavorful dressing with a fresh ginger and sesame flavor. Drizzle on salad or ahi...

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Skinnygirl™ Balsamic Vinaigrette is a must-have for salad lovers and will quickly become your go-to. This fat-free and sugar-free dressing pairs...

Blackberry Mule

Delicious low calorie blackberry preserves with a touch of lime and ginger, just like a Moscow Mule cocktail.

Buttermilk Ranch

Fat-free/sugar-free Buttermilk Ranch. Great tasting salad dressing without the guilt.

Chipotle Ranch

A creamy ranch flavor with a spicy kick that you can use in your salad or as a dip but...

Honey Dijon

Nothing beats the powerful flavors of Dijon mustard and honey. Match this fat-free and sugar-free dressing with your favorite salad...


A zesty Italian dressing with delicious herbs that you can use in your salad or as a dip but without...

Merlot Grape

Delicious low calorie grape preserves made with real Merlot wine.


With its hint of lemon, our fat-free and sugar-free dressing will make the flavors of your food burst to life....

Raspberry Bellini

Delicious low calorie raspberry preserves with just a hint of champagne flavor.

Raspberry Vinaigrette

With the sweetness of raspberry and the tanginess of vinegar, our fat-free and sugar-free dressing is destined to become a...